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In 1980 Tamara Matoesian (later Champlin) was a featured Gilley Dancer & Background vocalist in the Movie and Soundtrack of  "Urban Cowboy" (Paramount  Pictures)


Tamara  would be on Elton John's "Fox Album" as a  background vocalist  (Geffen 1981) as well as husband Bill Champlin's Album "Runaway" (Elecktra 1981) and the following year she was part of the Original Cast Recording of "Dreamgirls" (Geffen 1982),  produced by David Foster. 


Also in 1982 she would be a background vocalist along with Bill Champlin featuring Richard Page on lead vocals for the title track from the Richard Pryor Movie "Some Kind Of Hero" 


In 1986 she was featured on the "Heartbeat" Album Release by Don Johnson and was also a dancer and singer in the video for the title track


 "Heart Of Glass"  (written by Tamara Champlin, Bruce Gaitsch and Bill Champlin) was from the Movie Soundtrack "Caddyshack II"  and Performed by Tamara Champlin (Warner Brothers 1988).


She performed 3 songs in the Soundtrack "Illegally Yours" (1988 MGM):  "Thinking About It" - duet with Steve Wood; "Yesterday Only" and "Who Wins".   On "Who Wins",  she also shared a co-write with Bruce Gaitsch.


There would be a fifth  soundtrack  in 1989  for  "Mottomo Abunai Deka", released in Japan, where she would perform 3 songs "There Oughta Be A Law" "Speed of Night"  and "On The Run".  This CD was reissued on CD in October, 2005 (BMG Japan)


On Kiyotaka Sugiyama's CD "Sprinkle"  (1990, Wea Records, Japan) Tamara did a duet with Kiyotaka for the song  "Gatsby-tachino Nagai-Yoru".


For The Baton Rouge Release, "Lights Out On The Playground" in 1991 for Atlantic Records,  she would pen with Jack Ponti and Vic Pepe "Price Of Love" 


"If You're Not The One for Me" was performed by Bill Champlin & Brenda Russell on Tim Scott's  Album "Keep This Love Alive" (1991 - GRP Records) and was penned by Tamara Champlin & Bruce Gaitsch.


The Law (formed by Paul Rodger) on their CD "Laying Down The Law"  (Verve-Atlantic Records 1991) would include a Tamara Champlin/Terry Wilson composition "Stone Cold"  The Law  re-released and remastered the album on a collection for One Way Records entitled "The Law" in 2002.


She performed again as a background vocalist for Peter Cetera on his "World Falling Down" Release (Warner Bros 1992)


On Bill Champlin's Critically Acclaimed CD "Burn  Down The Night" (Turnip 1992), they shared a co-write credit on "Fly By The Light" and she was a background vocalist on many tracks;  On Champlin's "He Started To Sing" (Turnip 1995) CD Tamara's  co-write credits (with him) included "God Sent Angels" "Someone Else" and they performed  the Duet  "Love Is Gonna Find You" and their co-write "Southern Serenade" 


Tamara Champlin's  Solo CD "You Won't Get To Heaven Alive" (Europe /1991) was released in the US in 1995 (Turnip), and would feature "Backstreets of Paradise" (written by Tamara Champlin/Terry Wilson);  "You Won't Get To Heaven Alive"  (Tamara Champlin/ Michael Caruso/Randy Cantor);  "Chasin The Moon" (written by Tamara Champlin/Kevin Dukes); "Rock and Roll Tragedy" (written by Tamara Champlin/Kevin Dukes); "Purple Black and Blonde" (written by Tamara Champlin/Michael Caruso/Cal Curtis);  "Stone Cold"  (written by Tamara Champlin/Terry Wilson); "Only Love"  (written by Tamara Champlin/Randy Cantor);  "Crawl" (written by Tamara Champlin/Jeff Paris); "Meet My Maker" (written by Tamara Champlin/Terry Wilson); "Tragic Black" (written by Tamara Champlin/Michael Caruso/Cal Curtis); "St Anne's Wheel" (written by Tamara Champlin/Bill Champlin/Michael Caruso); "Roll The Bones" (written by Tamara Champlin/Terry Wilson) 


In addition to vocal and musical performances by many of the co-writers on this CD, industry greats such as Nicky Hopkins, Bill Champlin, Tris Imboden and Greg Mathieson also held contributing credits as players.  "Tragic Black" would be Number 1 in Germany and "You Won't Get To Heaven Alive" would reach the Top 20 in Spain. 



On Bill Champlin's Live CD "Mayday" (Champlin Records - 1996),  she was part of the Band that toured extensively in Europe to promote  the release.  The Album  featured them on their duet "Southern Serenade" and her performing her own "Backstreets of Paradise"


On "Vocaland" - a compilation CD released in 1996 by Cutting Edge, she sang lead vocals on "Night Birds" 


On Bruce Gaitsch "Aphasia" CD (orginally on Thoughtscape Sounds in 1997 and later released by Bruce Gaitsch on his own label in 2007),  She, Bill Champlin & Bruce Gaitsch would write a tune called "St Forgiveness".  This song would later be performed by Tamara Champlin at her acoustic solo show, produced and filmed by Timothy Barrett)  with Bill & Will Champlin in Monterey California in 2010  


"Runaway Love" (written by Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso & Dennis Matkosky) was recorded by Chris LeDoux for his "One Road Man" Album on Capitol Records - Nashville (1996) and by Rita Coolidge for her "Thinkin' About You" Release for Innerworks Records International  (1998)


"Bethlehem" was written by Tamara Champlin & Bill Champlin featured on Chicago's "Whats It Gonna Be Santa" Released  by Chicago Records  (1998)


"Shoo-Rah" & "I'm Not Your Lover" were included also on Rita Coolige's "Thinkin' About You",  and were compositions by the Champlin/Caruso/Matkosky team (Released: 1998)


"Make You A Believer"  from - "World Jam Vol 1"  was  written & Performed by Tamara Champlin (Released on Worldwide Records  1999)


Also in 1999,  she would contribute her vocal on a tune "Express Yourself"  to Rocco Prestia's (Tower of Power) Solo Release for Agat Records "Everybody On The Bus". 


For Jessica Folcker's Swedish Release "Dino" she penned a song with Bill Champlin, Andreas Carlsson & Douglas Carr  "Miracles"  for the Album  (2000 - SME Records, Inc).


That same year, Tamara Champlin & Bill Champlin would collaborate with Tom Johnston writing "Higher Ground" for the Doobie Brothers New Release "Sibling Rivalry" (Rhino 2000).


"Don't Get Me Dreamin' " was written by Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin, Blaise Tosti for Stampede's Album "Amame" on Sony Records (Released: 2000)


Tamara would again team with Bill Champlin, Andreas Carlsson & Douglas Carr to write the song "Sorry I'm In Love", recorded by Emilia Rydberg for  "Emilia" (2000 - Sweden).


"Talkin To Angels" (written by Tamara Champlin & Sarah Majors) was originally part of a charity project for the CD "Wings of Light, Songs of Inspiration" (released by Marinosoundwaves 2001). 


"No Sad Goodbye" and "All I Wanna Do (We Do)" written by Tamara Champlin, Douglas Carr & Ulric Johansson for the Maria Montell Release "Think Positive" (Universal- Denmark - 2002)

Also in 2001, in Sweden, she and husband Bill Champlin would co-write 2 tracks on Björn Skifs  - "Back on Track"  CD.  "It Was Nothing At All" (written by Bill, Tamara along with Douglas Carr) and "Straight Back To You" (written by Bill, Tamara, Douglas and Björn Skifs).


"Louisiana Wind" was recorded by Michael LeCompt for his EP  "Can't Let It Go" on Quarry Records and penned by Tamara Champlin/Michael Caruso/Dennis Matkosky/Michael LeCompt (2002)


In 2003, Lauren Scheff would release "Cardboard Cyndi" on CD-R through  Tamara would co-write 4 of the tunes:  " Once In A Million ", " All We Never Mad ", " Take Me As I Am " & " Think Of Me "


"Pretty Ugly" and "Pretty When She Cries (Blue 22)" were recorded by the Band A Perfect Day and featured on the album "All Over Everything" released in Canada on Isba Records (a Division of BMG Music). This was a  Tamara Champlin/Michael Caruso/Janele Woodley/Joseph Hrechka collaboration (2004)


Will Champlin's "Goldmine Sessions" (2004) would feature several co-writes by Will Champlin, Tamara Champlin & Michael Caruso:  "One World", "She Took Me Down", "Freak Street", "All About You", "California", "Shout It Out" and "Time Out Of Time"


"I'm Not Your Lover" was recorded by The Sons of Champlin on their CD "Hip Lil Dreams" for Dig Music;  written by Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso, Dennis Matkosky (2005)


The Writing Trio of  Will Champlin, Tamara Champlin & Michael Caruso would again come together for Will Champlin's Second Solo Release the self Titled "Will Champlin" Album in 2008; credits included:  "California", "The Answer", "Pocket Call", "Downtime", "One World" and "Forget To Breathe"


On "No Place Left To Fall" the title track (of Bill Champlin's 2009 Release for  Dream Makers Music),
was written by Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin & Michael Caruso and "Tuggin' On Your Sleeve"(a collaboration of Bill Champlin, Will Champlin & Michael Caruso) was a family performance tune featuring vocals by Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin & Will Champlin.


Lori Michael's CD  "Living My Life Out Loud" (Reform Records 2008) featured Will Champlin as its producer and Will Champlin & Tamara Champlin sharing writing credits on the Title Track.  It also featured the Ballad "Pretty When She Cries" (written by Tamara Champlin/Michael Caruso) that would later be included as part of the series  "Single Ladies" on VH1.


"What's On My Mind" was recorded by Bekka Bramlett for her CD Release "I Got News For You"
on Shongaloo Records;  written by Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso & Dennis Matkosky (2009)


Will Champlin's "Killing Me With Twilight" EP (2009) featured "Killing Me With Twilight" & "Screamin' Through the Neon" penned by Will Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso & Robin Schoffield; "Queen of Unexpected" again written with Will Champlin & Michael Caruso;  she would also write "Gone" with Will  Champlin, Robin Schoffield & Earl Richter.


"Solomon" (co written with Michael Caruso, Dennis Matkosky, Blaise Tosti) was recorded by

Michael Caruso on his EP "When The Devil Starts To Pray" on For Tessa Records (2010)


"Rainin' Sunshine" was recorded Live with Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Will Champlin and Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns DVD "Live from Las Vegas"  on Strokeland Records (2012) and written by Tamara Champlin, Will Champlin and Michael Caruso


On Janey Clewer's "Love" CD (2012 on Vivid Sound), Tamara would share Lead vocals on the title track (written by Janey)  with Janey Peter Cetera,  Bill Champlin,  Marc Jordan and  Joe Chemay.


"Shoo Rah" was released as a single by Tamara's co-writer Michael Caruso on For Tessa Records (2013)


"Voices In The Wind" (written by Frederic Slama) was performed by Tamara Champlin from the Frederic Slama AOR Release "Secrets of LA" Released by AOR Heaven/Rubicon (2013)


"You Won't Get To Heaven Alive"  featured Tamara Champlin on lead vocals for the Peter Friestedt,  Bill Champlin,  Joseph Williams Live DVD from Vivid Sounds Productions (Japan Release 2013)


"Evangeline" was Title Track of CD by Falcone & Friends written by Tamara Champlin, Gary Falcone & Bill Champlin (CD Baby 2013) 


"Heat Revisited" Released by Tom Saviano on Vivid Sound in 2013 featured her lead vocals on both songs  "Carry On", "Try It"  and the Bonus Track "Don't Look Back" 


"Circle Of Danger" (written by Frederic Slama) from the Frederic Slama AOR Release "LA Connection"  included Tamara Champlin on Lead Vocals (Escape Music, England/Rubicon Music in Japan 2014)


"Swept Away" (Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso & Tom Saviano) from Nebraska Falls Release "The Real Story" (Nebraska Falls Music - 2015) 


"Dreamin' of Chagall" (Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso, Bill Champlin) from Tamara Champlin 

Release (Champlinx2 - 2015)


"Night Fly", "After The Love Has Gone" and  bonus track on Japan Release only "Lavendar Moon" (background vocalist)  from Champlin, Williams, Friestedt Release  (AOR Heaven Sweden 2015;  CWF Japan 2016)   


"Crawl" written by Tamara Champlin & Jeff Paris from Danielle Nicole Release "Cry No More" (Concord Records - 2018) 


"Bleeding Secrets" Bill Champlin's WunderGround  CD  Release featuring Gary Falcone & Tamara Champlin ~ tracks include"Man VS Machine" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin; "The Only Way Down"Champlin/Falcone/Champlin; "Love Knows" Champlin; "Dreaming of Chagall" Champlin/Caruso/Champlin; "Imaginary Friend" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin;

"They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" Champlin/Carlsson;  "Fireships" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin; "Evangeline" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin; 

"You're Gonna Love Someone" Champlin/Champlin; "Genius" Champlin; "Light Up The Night" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin;  "Bleeding Secrets" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin/Hertz/Cortez;

"Limbo" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin (WunderGround Records - 2018)

"Price of Love"(Champlin, Pepe & Ponti) from Champlin, Williams, Friestedt Release "CWFII" (Black Lodge - 2020)' 

"Livin' For Love" - Bill Champlin solo release features Tamara as a co-writer and singer on multiple tracks including "Reason To Believe", "Especially Me",  "Livin' For Love", "Hey", "Love Lives On" , Losin' Ground",  "Too Good For Too Long", "Love Has No Heart" and "The Truth Has Begun" (Imagen Records - 2021)

Tamara's recordings of "I'm Not Your Lover" "Runaway Love" "Bad Love"  "Shoo Rah"  and "Louisiana Wind" have now been added in 2022-2023 to spotify, apple music and most other downloading/streaming services.  Writers include Tamara, Michael Caruso, Dennis Matkosky, and Michael LeCompt.  (Distributed by Distrokid - 2022)

Tamara's latest 2023 release "Super Flower Moon" (composed with Michael Caruso) is now available across digital media for streaming & downloading (Distributed by Distrokid - 2023)

(compiled by Mary Parrotto with assistance  from Tamara Champlin and Kei Hirata) 





Discography - Performer/Songwriter

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